We are a community of students who aim to add a flavor of greenness to their daily lives with fun events highlighting the importance of sustainable living!

That is why we are organizing the WeAct Challenge besides our studies since 2010, where the winning of the Ecoworks Workshop kicked off the idea. Since then our team has grown and changed but our goal has always stayed the same: Organizing cool WeAct Challenges for you!

The story of the WeAct Challenge since the beginning:



​2014: We tried two new formats: The Energy Efficiency Challenge in cooperation with ETH and the OneWorldChallenge, where we competed with Cambridge, KIT, Maastricht and several other universities around Europe. 



​Autumn 2013: EmpowEvent to Kick-Off the Challenge with special guest ShareVeggie. A delicious fairtrade Schoggie Fondue in cooperation with Euforia to meet during the Challenge and a cozy prize event at the end. 



​Spring 2013: 130 participants, interesting experts from different fields at the Kick-Off, great End Event in the evening sun on CLA Rooftop



Autumn 2012: Launch of the new platform, 160 participants, Santa and Glühwein at the cozy End Event



​Spring 2012: An amazing 230 participants, legendary End Event in Stuz2 with life band Peppermint Tea Group



​Autumn 2011: 150 participants at the first WeAct Challenge after the pilot. So exciting to see the idea spark! 



Spring 2011: The WeAct idea is born at the Ecoworks Workshop by ETH by Prisca and Majka. Right now they're independently of WeAct Students turning this idea into a great start-up. Like this they're able to make the impact of the WeAct idea even bigger and further develop the platform. Check out their site.